This week is Hunger and Homelessness awareness week. I understand the need for a week like this, just as I understand the need for other awareness projects, because people will remain blissfully in their ignorance for a long time. However, I hope that the purpose of this week is so people will become active in their awareness, not just aware.
This week at Common Ground, our scripture comes from the third chapter of second Thessalonians, where it says, ‘those that don’t work, don’t eat.’ This verse has been misused and abused almost to the same degree as a penny saved is a penny earned has been attributed to the Bible. What the author is talking about here is that people had become complacent. An attribute that is terribly present among people of faith today. Complacent in their wordlview, and in their understanding of God. They have become satisfied into thinking that the reason for God is satisfaction. To be happy. What this means, though, is as soon as a storm comes and their satisfaction is delayed, their faith withers.
And, as we learn from hunger and homelessness week, not all people are hungry and homeless because they “deserve” it. In fact, most aren’t. Circumstances have placed them in a difficult position, and because their lives have not lined up the same as the satisfied Christian, then they must be at fault. I think we should all feel a level of dissatisfaction at the present state of economic disparity and greed that seems to run our human systems. I think we should not eat unless we are willing to work for all to eat. I hope you take part in the awareness, and that leads to activism, not complacency. That is where the creativity of God will amaze us all.