About Us

The History Program of Reinhardt University (Waleska, Georgia, USA) is located on the first floor of Tarpley Hall, hence the title of this blog. The four professors in our program will comment regularly on issues of historical and history-program interest.

We are:

Kenneth Wheeler (Ph.D., Ohio State, 1999)
Theresa Ast (Ph.D, Emory, 2001)
Jonathan Good (Ph.D, U. of Minnesota, 2004)
Anne Good (Ph.D., U. of Minnesota, 2005)

Needless to say, anything that appears here does not necessarily represent the official position of Reinhardt University or of all of us.

The banner at the top of our blog is an illustration dating from the late nineteenth century, when military companies were established at Reinhardt. Mock battles between the companies were staged in the spring, with female students playing the role of nurses.

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