Religion through the Eyes of Poetry

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Dr. Aquiles E. Martinez is Professor of Religion (Biblical Studies) and Coordinator of the Religion and Philosophy Programs at Reinhardt University. Ordained in the United Methodist Church, Dr. Martinez has dedicated a good part of his life to equip pastors and church leaders in Latin America, the Caribbean, and the United States, with the appropriate skills, knowledge, and experiences so they can serve their communities effectively. In addition to his many books, articles, and essays published in English and Spanish, Dr. Martinez has served several churches and the global community as an effort to help people develop significant relationships with God and their neighbors, especially with marginalized communities.
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27 Responses to Religion through the Eyes of Poetry

  1. Tripp Wickard says:

    Just beyond the shadows of life you will see Gods beauty. Do not focus on the darkness that is ahead, because you have a beautiful future.

  2. Tripp Wickard says:

    Beware of those that block God’s beauty and power from you.

  3. Olivia Lewis says:

    Under the tree, shined a light of true knowledge upon him after 49 days of meditation, he had finally reached Nirvana.

  4. Kelly Bryan says:

    I stand behind the middle tree and see my fourfold path that lies before me. Just a small glimpse of my ultimate reality, Brahman, which lies ahead.

  5. Savannah Smith says:

    I see the eight gaps in the trees which leads me to the 8 folds path. I am self awakened.

  6. Theo Mason says:

    Work along your fourfold path. Never place your soul last.

  7. Savannah Smith says:

    8 gaps in the tree like the 8 fold path, with this tree I will find Nirvana.

  8. Claire Oliver says:

    No matter your cast stick to your roots and follow the fourfold path where we will unite with Brahma.

  9. Laura Avery says:

    Do not fixate on the darkness behind you, but meditate in the light that has been placed before you.

  10. Trevor Owenby says:

    The paths that lie before me, fulfill their own, but that which I take leads me to Nirvana.

  11. Bruno Juarez says:

    the way of life has several branches to reach brahman, you just have to follow the dharma.

  12. Kiersten says:

    Be still and remain steadfast for the Messiah draws near, just beyond the sunset.

  13. Cristina Orsini says:

    Our suffering now is dark against the light of Nirvana.

  14. Hajer Huni says:

    Like day turns to night, like the sun sets and the moon rises, You turn to me.

  15. Emily Smith says:

    As I sit under the tree in meditation, I find personal liberation in the eightfold path that will put an end to my suffering. I can see Nirvana ahead.

  16. Jennifer Gasca says:

    Life is about breaking through the branches of the Karma Cycle, behind those shadows lies the true beauty of Brahman.

  17. Spencer Wilson says:

    Religion 104

    As Surya’s water lilies touch the ocean,
    I feel my heart stir with emotion.
    Reincarnation cycles just like this sun,
    What will my next life hold? Karma shall decide after I am done.

  18. Shelby Rensel says:

    As we stand here absorbing the color. Our classification began to arose and strata began to form. As long as we stood there, we would become accepting of the caste.

  19. Madelyn REL 104 Sec. 02 says:

    The dark branches of selfish desire cannot cover up the need to walk into the basking light of the rewards of morality.

  20. Gianna Sanders says:

    If you go carefully through the lives you are given, you will reach Brahman.

  21. Ivey Gangi says:

    For the light at which you have traveled this path for, leads you to Brahman.

  22. Josiah Williams says:

    keep the law in your hearts and in your homes and you be as protected as a tree is next to water and close to sunlight. Yahweh will provide if you obey and follow the tora

  23. Brian Tillery says:

    Let not the temptations disguised in beauty pull you away from the path to Nirvana.

  24. Kevon James says:

    “Waves crash at sunset, battling with the shore at night in await for another part in a series of unfortunate events.”

  25. Madison Borders says:

    Beyond the dark trees, a beautiful light shines through and I know I am one step closer to reaching union with Brahman

  26. Brynn Jones says:

    Through the dark brambles and branches the light of Brahman shines bright

    Religion 104 Section 2

  27. Emily Gooch says:

    The light is slowly shining through the darkness to reveal the Fourfold Path right in front of me. I will then choose the path that will determine my success with Brahman.

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