Shelves and Stacks #43- Graduation

Hey there Gang, and welcome back to Shelves and Stacks. As always, I’m your host Jamie Thomas, and it’s that time again. While Adventure Time, Clobberin’ Time, and time for the Wheel of Morality are always observed with the most sincere reverence,

they aren’t why we’re gathered here today. Nay gentle reader, the time of which I speak is that hallowed rite of passage where grungy, Ramen chewing, grub like college students bid their cozy cocoon spun within the hallowed halls of academia adieu, and enter the world as fully formed and (mostly)functioning adults.

Oh come on, it’s not that bad.

Right. Well, what if I shared with you some secret knowledge? Not only is secret knowledge a good thing (just ask Neil Gaiman), but this is the exact secret knowledge that helped me after I graduated from college. Whaddya say?

Well, since you so eloquently talked me into it, I suppose I could pass it along. Alright, everything I ever needed to know about life after college, I read in a book by Dr. Seuss.

Oh ye of little faith. Between writing books about anarchist cats, angsty monsters and little creatures trying to peddle spoiled food, Dr. Seuss found the time to write a book of helpful advice for people in your situation. It’s called Oh The Places You’ll Go! and it goes a little something like this:

See, what’d I tell you? Sure, it’s recited by a bunch of dirty hippies, but the message is just as applicable, valid and true as the day it was scribbled down. Gang, I know you’re scared of what’s around the corner, but I know that every one of you is going to be just fine. Just remember that when it all goes to pot, to be “brainy and footsy”. If that doesn’t work, just remember that every time you give up on your dreams, this happens:

That’s right gang, every time you don’t believe in yourself; Boba goes back to the Sarlaac pit! Do you want that on your conscious? I didn’t think so. This has been your weekly (or possibly last) dose of Shelves and Stacks. As always, I’m your host Jamie Thomas wishing you nothing but the best, and always “believing in the you who believes in yourself!” Good luck out there seniors and I’ll see the rest of you back here for another semester of shenanigans. Stay gold Gang.

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