How to Catch “The Big Fish” in the New Year

Earlier this year I went on vacation to Florida with my husband. One  beautiful, sunny day we chose to go deep sea fishing. The captain steered the boat looking for great fishing opportunities, and the deck hands explained the fishing equipment. Personally, I was just happy to be there enjoying the sunshine, and I was excited about the opportunity to catch a Red Snapper, Grouper or the next big fish. I had enjoyed fishing in the North Georgia streams with my dad years ago, but now I never seemed to make the time to go.

Catch "The Big Fish" at Reinhardt University in January 2014The deck hand explained that the circular hooks we were using were selected because they do not unnecessarily harm any fish that get away or have to be thrown back due to their small size.  He explained that if we jerked the rod when we got a bite we would “miss” the fish — the design of the hook would allow the fish to get away. We had to keep the rod steady as we began patiently reeled in each fish.

Finally, the boat stopped, and we began fishing. I did not know what the day would hold or if I would “catch” anything.  I gave it a try and followed the deck hands’ advice.

Fishing is like exploring the opportunity to start graduate school

Simply thinking about returning back to school but not acting on it can lead to a “missed” opportunity. You may not “catch” that promotion, land that new job or learn those needed new skills. You may end up floating aimlessly at sea without guidance and without catching “the big fish”. We will never know where an opportunity can take us until we give it a try. If you choose to go back to school and pursue the opportunity, the process will require steady diligence and persistence.  Just like we followed the deck hands’ advice, you must heed the guidance of your instructors. It is possible to succeed, but you have to try and have patience to achieve your goal.

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On our summer trip, my husband and I both missed a few, but eventually we caught fish that day. I am glad I took the fishing expedition. If I had stayed content with sitting in the sun or with watching everyone else, I would have missed the adventure of catching a fish. I wouldn’t have learned a new skill.  I am glad I acted on the opportunities available to me.

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Reinhardt Advantage MBA program coordinator

Dr. Katherine E. Hyatt
Assistant Professor of Business
Reinhardt Advantage MBA Program Coordinator & Instructor
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