Alumna Soaring High in her Career After Reinhardt

Christina BurnsChristina Burns ‘07 is soaring high in her career after graduating from Reinhardt. The B.A. grad is currently the research assistant for the dramatic TV mini-series Fly Girlsthe Unprecedented Story of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) – The Forgotten Fliers of WWII.

Remarkable Group of Courageous Women

World War II would change how America saw itself, and how it saw its men and women. The United States became a world power through the giant leaps in aviation that was helped enormously by the efforts of women pilots. This group of exceptional women saw far beyond the limits of their time. They showed anyone that was paying attention a glimpse of what could be. Permanent change would have to come, but when the male majority pushed back in Congress at the end of the war they would set women’s military opportunities back for over three decades. The result was that the contributions and accomplishments of this remarkable group of courageous women were almost lost – until now.

Fly Girls, under the direction of Matia Kerrell, is the epic true story of the WASP, taking us to England and the ATA where American women volunteered to fly during a time they were not allowed to fly for their own country. Our story also covers the African-American women who were not allowed by the military to fly for the WASP, so these pilots went instead to Tuskegee Airbase, and joined the African-American Airmen. (

Fund Dreamer Initiative – “Our primary goal is to remain independent so we can maintain the integrity of this project…”

Fly Girls is in the developmental phase, and Christina and her co-Red Door Films production team members are seeking startup money through Fund Dreamer (

“There are various stages that developing a television mini-series demands: the monies we raise will allow us to start the pre-production process: hiring a writing team, and other pre-production costs. We’ve come this far with people volunteering their time, and with this much needed startup money, we can continue.

“Our primary goal is to remain independent so we can maintain the integrity of this project, by keeping the creative control with us, thus ensuring that we will fulfill the promise I made to Violet Cowden with some of the best TV we have ever seen.

“Your participation, no matter the amount, shows that we have an audience behind us. It shows there is a demand for this kind of programming. With your help, we can make this project a reality, and bring the story of the first women pilots to fly in the US military, to the world.” ~(according to Fund Dreamer page)

Burns’ Background

Along with serving in production with Fly Girls, Burns is in the process of receiving her MFA in Screenwriting and Film Studies from Hollins University. She has a B.A. in English from Reinhardt University with a minor in History. While at Reinhardt, Burns was active in theatre production and wrote The Assignment, a one-act play focusing on the misconceptions of the AIDS epidemic. In 2010, she directed and produced The Ticking Game, a short documentary centering on a little boy living with Tourette’s syndrome. After reading Tom Brokaw’s The Greatest Generation, Christina began researching the WASP in 2011.

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