Funk Heritage Center has new exhibits in the works

The Funk Heritage Center is underway with its plans for two new exhibits in the center’s Hall of the Ancients.

Exhibit designers from Brockington Cultural Resources Consulting met with Funk Heritage Center and Reinhardt University representatives to discuss plans for the exhibits on March 14.


Pictured, from left, are: Martha Hout, Dr. Joe Kitchens, Diane Minick, Dr. Mark Roberts, Designer Mary Rose, Designer Rachael Bragg and Archaeologist Paul Webb.

Last year, the Funk Heritage Center raised $80,000 to design and install new exhibits that will include artifacts from the 1995 Hickory Log excavation in Canton at the Walmart building site.

Walmart agreed to shut down construction while archeologists excavated the site 20 years ago. Since then, the Funk Heritage Center raised $53,000 to have the artifacts curated at the Archaeology Laboratory at University of Georgia. FHC staff, with the help of Lab personnel, are selecting some of the best artifacts from the collection to display in the new exhibits.

The new sections of the Hall of the Ancients will include both an environmental display and an archaeology exhibit.

Paul Webb, the archaeologist in charge of the Hickory Log excavation, joined the group and showed slides from the actual excavation. He said he is pleased that some of the best artifacts from that dig will be displayed.

Diane Minick, director of the Upper Etowah River Alliance, also attended the meeting. She will consult on the environmental section.

A third exhibit eventually will be designed and installed in another area of the museum once this project is completed.