Theatre students earn actor/combatant certification

Reinhardt theatre students received prestigious certification in acting combat that is expected to help them secure jobs as stunt performers.

This is the first group of RU theatre students to receive the Society of American Fight Directors certification, according to Assistant Professor of Theatre Stewart Hawley.

“This certification helps our students find work in theatre, film and TV as a stunt performer in fight scenes,” Hawley said. “The students have been trained for thirty hours in each weapon and then a Fight Master comes in to adjudicate their work and deems them certified in the craft of stage violence.”

The following students were certified in rapier/dagger combat: Sarah Williams, Clark Cumbee, Casimir Isles, Joshua Baldwin, Schuyler Martin, Nick Cothran, Nik Griffo and Tyler Bucher. Students certified in quarterstaff combat are: Clark Cumbee, Nick Cothran, Tyler Bucher, Nik Griffo, Joshua Baldwin, Anna Johnson and Sarah Williams. Those certified in unarmed combat are: Nik Griffo, Joshua Baldwin, Sarah Williams, Nick Cothran, Tyler Bucher and Clark Cumbee.