Thrasher moves on to become associate pastor

The Rev. Jordan Thrasher said his good-byes Tuesday as he finished his service to Reinhardt after three years. Thrasher is moving on to Creekside United Methodist Church in Cumming where he will fill the role of associate pastor.


The Rev. Jordan Thrasher said he was surprised at the turnout at a reception held in his honor May 10 at the Bannister Glasshouse. Thrasher thanked everyone for coming and for their camaraderie and friendship over the years.

“I’m excited to be the pastor of a church again,” Thrasher said. “I will be in a preaching, teaching and mission role in a church that is loved by everyone who goes there. It is a wonderful opportunity.”

While at Reinhardt, Thrasher led Bible studies and worship services; he also brought community-service based groups to the University like the Red Bus Project. The Red Bus Project came to campus in the early spring with a goal of raising awareness about the global orphan crisis. Show Hope, based in Tennessee, engages high school and college students in caring for orphans. It has turned a double decker bus it travels with into a mobile thrift store as a means to raise money for the organization to help with the orphan crisis.

Thrasher also led a service learning project with a focus on justice to Nashville, Tennessee during spring break.

“The purpose of the trip was to open up an understanding of justice by listening to strangers’ stories,” Thrasher said after returning from the trip. “The people with whom we interacted were people we do not necessarily think of, even though they are around us all the time.”


Dr. Roger Lee, vice president and dean of students, spoke kind words of the Rev. Jordan Thrasher during a reception in his honor held May 10 at the Bannister Glasshouse. Lee gifted Thrasher with a framed photo of a lamppost shaped like a cross.

Dr. Roger Lee, vice president and dean of students, said Thrasher worked with a University team to help educate the overall student, which is essential to Reinhardt’s core mission and values.

“Jordan has a passion and gift for administration, and his service as a team player for the Student Affairs staff will be missed,” Lee said. “As a member of our ‘Mind, Body, Spirit’ team, he worked collaboratively with our counseling and health center personnel to reach our educational goals to develop students to be physically fit, mentally strong and spiritually secure.  I expect to hear great things from Jordan through his ministry.”

Thrasher said while he is excited about his new role, he will miss those he has come to love dearly at Reinhardt.

“What I will miss most about Reinhardt is the people, particularly the students I’ve come to know and love, and the faculty and staff who I now consider close friends,” Thrasher said.