A DAY for Reinhardt Receives $4,000 Donation from Georgia Power Company

A DAY DonationA DAY for Reinhardt Receives $4,000 Donation from Georgia Power Company

Rod Drake (left), area manager for Georgia Power Company and chairman for the 2013-14 Reinhardt A DAY campaign, presents a $4,000 check to Reinhardt University President Dr. J. Thomas Isherwood.

“The goal for this year’s A DAY campaign is $110,000, and currently, $69,170 has been raised toward this goal,” said Barbara Manous, director of fund raising. “Donations like this one will give us a greater opportunity to reach our goal by the end of the University’s fiscal year, June 30, 2014. We appreciate any and all donations to A DAY for Reinhardt because it helps our students continue in their educational endeavors at Reinhardt.”

A DAY for Reinhardt Background

Created in 1988, the A DAY for Reinhardt campaign is an annual effort to provide support for Cherokee County students attending Reinhardt University. A DAY helps to fund the University’s Cherokee County Grant Program. This grant gives eligible students the opportunity to receive as much as $8,000 during their four years at the University. Since A DAY’s inception, more than $3 million in Cherokee County grants have been awarded to local deserving students. For more information about A DAY, visit www.reinhardt.edu/advancement