Campus Ministry Program Gives Students a “Fresh” Start

The Campus Ministry program at Reinhardt understands that it’s easy to forget about God while in college; that’s why a program called “Freshley” was created just for Reinhardt freshmen so these students can keep their passion for God burning all year long. 

Calling All Freshmen!

Members of Freshley play a “breaking the ice” game at one of their meetings.

Freshley is a ministry geared to provide bible study and fellowship for this group of students new to Reinhardt and new to the college environment.

“The overall goal of the program is to give freshman a group of friends that they can count on for the next 4 four years of college because everyone comes in looking for people they can relate to and count on,” said Aaron Avera, Campus Ministry intern and Freshley coordinator.

As the leader of Freshley, Avera’s responsibilities are to lead and coordinate anything for Freshley, from booths on activity days to creating a devotion each week and trying to make the meetings run as smooth as possible.

A ReFRESHing Experience!

A typical Freshley meeting is every Tuesday, at 6 p.m. Two freshman lead the group in music—one plays guitar and the other leads in singing. They usually sing three songs, do a devotion/lesson, then sing another song and pray it out. Anywhere from 13-20 freshman attend each week, averaging at about 15 or 16.

Freshley members also interact and do activities with Campus Ministry, which include going to Real Deal and helping with SERVE projects.

Not Because We Have To – Because We Want To!

“From what I hear, the participants they really enjoy it,” said Avera. “When I asked them whether they wanted to keep meeting weekly next semester or go to once a month, they wanted weekly. One student even told me they will be sad when they can’t come next year when they are a sophomore. So the participants seem to really be inspired and moved by the program.”

Reinhardt had Freshley two years prior, but the program didn’t really develop a strong following. So when Avera was hired as an intern and made head of Freshman Ministry, he was excited because he had already wanted to help improve Freshley.

“The Rev. Leigh Martin [University chaplain] gave me permission to be as creative as I wanted to be and do whatever to make it flourish,” he said. “So I took my vision and implemented them, and it has come together very well!”


For more information about Freshley or any of the Campus Ministry programs, visit or contact Martin at 770-720-5634 or