MPA to graduate first class Dec. 2014; A new cohort to begin Jan. 2015

Reinhardt will graduate first class from Master of Public Administration degree program December 2014; A new cohort will begin Jan. 2015

MPA Cohort

Photo caption: This December, Reinhardt University will graduate its first group of MPA students. They are: pictured standing (l-r) Lesley Black, Kelly Bogner, David St. Onge, Wayne Williams, Dan Lavine, Aniysa Sconion; sitting (l-r): Megan Barnes, Dr. Karen Owen and Olivia Burrell-Jackson. 

Reinhardt University will graduate its first group of students from the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program this December. The students will graduate after 16 months of coursework and study, compared to many institutions where the programs are two years.

Diverse Personal and Professional Backgrounds

“Our first cohort to graduate with the MPA come from diverse personal and professional backgrounds,” said Dr. Karen Owen, director of the MPA. “They have shown great determination in mastering the field, and each has worked diligently to succeed in each endeavor of the program. Their commitment to the program and to each other as a cohort is remarkable and a true value to the University and the faculty of the program.”

Graduates will be “well-trained and versed in the field of Public Administration.”

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) program at Reinhardt University provides a high-quality generalist, practice-oriented, research-based, and ethics-focused program to educate and prepare students for professional and leadership careers in the public service.

“Students who graduate with an MPA degree from Reinhardt are well-trained and versed in the field of Public Administration,” said Owen. “These graduates are prepared for public service careers. They are, all, qualified to lead public and/or nonprofit agencies and to serve the public good in our communities and the state. These students are energetic about utilizing their new leadership and management skills to initiate and lead changes in public policy as well as make an impact on individuals’ lives and communities.”

Knowledgeable and Professional Faculty

Extremely knowledgeable, talented and professional faculty members are a testament to what makes Reinhardt’s MPA so successful. The instructors have extensive field experiences. Many are city managers, directors of public or nonprofit departments, or career administrators who enhance the textbook research and knowledge with their practical skills and real life lessons.

“Graduate programs are mostly comprised of students that are already in the work force that have family responsibilities (spouse and children),” said graduating MPA student Wayne Williams. “Though the course work is very demanding, Reinhardt’s MPA faculty were flexible at times to support the occasional issues that arose for some students, which is a testament to their understanding of how demanding life can be while attending school. The faculty were incredible at what they brought into the classroom and were able to share and/or teach to the class.”

Hybrid-Style Program in a Cohort Format

Reinhardt’s MPA is unique in that students participate in a hybrid-style graduate program, whereby they take courses online and in the classroom. Each semester, students take three courses in a cohort format: one 16-week online course and two face-to-face courses which last for eight weeks each. This schedule gives students full-time status, but only have two courses have to be managed at any one time, and being within a cohort, the interaction and shared experience leads to a cohesive, collaborative and supportive learning environment.

Specialize in Criminal Justice or State and Local Administration.

“The program has two areas of specialization – Criminal Justice and State and Local Administration,” Owen said. “We are fortunate to have strong partnerships with faculty and leaders within the Public Safety environment, Reinhardt’s Police Academy, and local and state professional associations. These partnerships allow our students to participate in conferences, present research and build relationships with top-professionals in the Public Administration field.”

The MPA is offered at the convenient location of Reinhardt’s North Fulton Center on Old Milton Pkwy in Alpharetta, Ga., and is easily accessible to the Northern Arc law enforcement agencies, governmental entities, non-profits and businesses.

“A degree that will set me apart from my colleagues.”

“Reinhardt’s program has proven to highlight the many details required to successfully lead and manage in the field of Public Administration,” said graduating MPA student David St. Onge. “Most of all, my completion of the program has demonstrated a commitment to public service and a desire to further my career.

“My degree will, without question, set me apart from my colleagues,” St. Onge said. “Topics learned will be regularly translated into everyday practices. This mastery of concepts taught in Reinhardt’s MPA program will propel my career into a direction that I am in control of.”

New Cohort to Begin Jan. 2015; Apply today!

A new cohort for Reinhardt’s MPA program will begin Jan. 2015. The application process has several steps so interested students are encouraged to apply early. If all application materials are submitted by Dec. 1, the application fee ($50) will be waived. For more information or to inquire about Reinhardt’s MPA: call 770-720-5797 or go to