Reinhardt Office of Development Offers Students a Scholarship Funded by University’s Faculty and Staff

Students, faculty and staff are like family at Reinhardt University. The support of students by faculty and staff extends beyond just the classroom or administrative office; it carries over into encouragement for the University’s students to continue in the endeavor to receive a Reinhardt education by assistance through the Reinhardt Family Campaign (RFC) Scholarship.

“The Reinhardt Family Scholarship is completely funded with financial contributions from faculty and staff, so it provides donors a better sense of how their money is used and how much it is needed,” said Kelley Johnson, development officer. “It also gives students an opportunity to be awarded a scholarship that will assist them in paying their spring semester tuition, especially when they’re facing unforeseen circumstances.”

Scholarship Support

The RFC Scholarship was created to give faculty and staff a greater sense of involvement with their donations and to be able to see the actual results of their generosity – students benefitting from the scholarship.

“I’m happy that even in the economic climate we’re in that more than 60 percent of Reinhardt’s faculty and staff made generous contributions to the Reinhardt Family Campaign, resulting in 13 scholarships being awarded,” said Johnson. “The Reinhardt Family Scholarship is supporting several deserving students who find themselves in somewhat challenging financial situations.”

Scholarship Recipients

In the fourth year since its inception, the RFC Scholarship was awarded to 13 students and provided more than $18,000 in scholarships. Scholarship recipients include: Matthew Bearden, a freshman from Oxford, Ga.; Qymane Brawner, a freshman from Waleska, Ga.; Jessie Clark, a senior from New Market, Ala.; Heather Davis, a freshman from Woodstock, Ga.; Miriam Homiller, a freshman from Ball Ground, Ga.; Meghan Imai, a freshman from Canton, Ga.; Darrel Jackson, a junior from Jonesboro, Ark.; Hassan Rana, sophomore from Cartersville, Ga.; Gregory Slusher, a sophomore from Lawrenceville, Ga.; Lauren Suilmann, a freshman from Powder Springs, Ga.; Elizabeth Waite, a senior from Cumming, Ga.; Laura Waite, a senior from Cumming, Ga.; and Victoria White, a sophomore from Canton, Ga.

“Having an impact on students’ lives.”

“I was excited that I was selected as a recipient,” said Brawner. “The Reinhardt Family Scholarship nearly paid my entire spring semester. It took the financial burden off of myself because it’s hard paying for tuition out of pocket. I just want to say thank you to the Reinhardt faculty and staff for funding this scholarship. It means the world to me that I have the opportunity to continue my education here at Reinhardt University!”

Johnson added to Brawner’s sentiments. “Through this scholarship, we are able to have an impact on students’ lives. We are also setting an example for donors, students, and other members of the community. Our contributions illustrate that we believe in Reinhardt’s mission of shaping lives and building futures.