Reinhardt SGA Goes Green!

As a part of the Student Government Association, the RU Green Committee was a standing committee established to encourage going green around the campus. Students, faculty and staff showed a large interest in expanding the committee to increase campus involvement in the going green movement. Student Government Association Treasurer Maria Flores (far right) worked with the SGA Executive Board to promote the RU Green Committee to program status, now titled the RU Green Program.

In establishing a program status for the RU Green Program, the Executive Board allocated $1,000 to the RU Green Program which created two student worker positions that will be working under the housekeeping department to maintain the recycling bins around the campus which were bought by last year’s SGA Senate. Stephanie Hightower (far left), a freshman, and Ethan Cole (second from right), a sophomore, will be working with Valarie Jordan, supervisor of housekeeping, to recycle cans, cardboard, bottles, junk mail, magazines, newspapers and plastics 1-7.

Environmental Stewardship

“The RU Green Program is helping promote environmental stewardship throughout the Reinhardt Community,” said Jordan. “Their work in helping recycle will keep our buildings clean and beautiful, and I am looking forward to working with the RU Green Program in the future.”

“Seeing the bigger picture.”

Flores also proposed to the Senate on behalf of the Executive Board for an allocation of $1,500 to the RU Green Program which will hire an Assistant Program Coordinator and help with funding green events. The Senate unanimously passed the proposal, which resulted in the hiring of freshman Dallas Hollis (second from left) as the assistant program coordinator. Hollis is also the Reinhardt University representative at the Chamber of Commerce Green Committee meetings.

“RU Green will help Reinhardt students see the bigger picture and their part in taking care of the world and minimizing their carbon footprint,” said Hollis.

Recycling bins are located around the main campus, and Hollis will be working to plan Earth Day events as well as other Going Green initiatives.

“A cause-worthy program.” 

“I am excited to get to help start such a cause-worthy program here at Reinhardt,” said Hightower. “This is what students have been wanting, and it is great to see the Student Government Association help do just that.”

For more information, please visit or “like” the RU Green Program on Facebook.