Valarie Jordan Honored with Reinhardt University Bridge Award

Valarie JordanValarie Jordan, housekeeping supervisor, who has served Reinhardt for more than thirteen years, recently received the University’s 2012 Bridge Award at a Faculty Senate meeting. The award is given on a yearly basis by the faculty to a staff member in recognition and appreciation of outstanding service and commitment to the faculty and students of the University.

“Builds up the whole Reinhardt community.”

“The Bridge Award is given annually to a member of the Reinhardt staff whom the faculty sees as going to extra lengths to help build a sense of unity among all members of the Reinhardt family and with the surrounding community,” said Phil Unger, assistant professor of history and chair of the Faculty Senate. “Many members of the staff were nominated this year, which speaks to the commitment of our staff. She fits the description of someone deserving the Bridge Award, doing the day-to-day things well, but also going beyond in her efforts to build up the whole Reinhardt community, and especially motivating others to do their part as well.”

Dr. Margaret Morlier, professor of English and associate vice president for graduate studies, added to Unger’s sentiments. “Extremely notable is Valarie’s diligence and good spirit. Once I needed a projector screen that seemed to be missing in one of the dorm classrooms. I looked everywhere, or so I thought. My colleague, Ken Wheeler [associate professor of history], said, ‘Contact Valerie. She’ll find it.’ And five minutes later, she did. She has a reputation among faculty for her efficiency and cheerfulness.”

Award Background

The award, established in 2005 as a formal way for faculty to express appreciation to a staff member, is presented by the Reinhardt Faculty Senate and was the idea of Dr. Theresa L. Ast, associate professor of history. Faculty nominate staff members and then select the recipient for the honor. The award is given to a staff member who deserves appreciation for his or her positive, caring attitude; someone who is known to go the second mile in assisting others and completing their tasks; someone who works hard to build  “bridges” between students, faculty, staff, and the local community and, as a result, strengthens the Reinhardt University community.

Postive Attitude and Energetic Effort

“I was very honored and surprised to win this award,” said Jordan. “I think when you work with each other and try to meet each others needs with a positive attitude, you will be able to build bridges all around the University in many ways.”

Jordan is recognized by the faculty as a “bridge builder” because she is a hands-on manager who puts in time in evenings and on weekends to see that special events are always properly set up. Her team is vital to maintaining a sense of environmental cleanliness and well-being, which requires a steady and energetic effort. 

Jordan and her husband, Jerry, reside in Canton, Ga.