Whenever I undertake a big project, I seem to have trouble finishing. It is usually because I have over-committed myself, and so I cannot give as much energy to things as I want. So, instead of things being finished, they simply end. For example, if I am writing a sermon, I usually never finish. Instead, the time to preach comes, and I have to present it in all of its imperfections. It was the same with me and studying while I was in college and seminary. I was never finished studying, it was just time for the test.
You all are coming toward the close of the semester. You all have a ton of work to do as final projects, performances, papers, and exams are looming. You can see the end, but you aren’t there yet. Put a lot of energy and effort into it, sure. But know that you are not finished. It will never be perfect, but it will be done.
I believe whole heartedly that this is how God interacts with us. None of us are finished projects. We are constantly being molded by the hands of the Creator. We are not being finished, but molded. So that, when the time to preach comes. When the time to serve comes. When the time to give comes, it will not be perfect, but it will be everything we can do.