By: Tyler Goins

WALESKA, Ga.- Dr. Anthony Daniel’s Business 460 class placed 7th in the world this past Tuesday. Daniel’s class divided into six teams for a dual digital camera (AV and Drone) competition in the Global Business Simulation.

The Global Business Simulation (GLO-BUS) is used in 19 countries, 233 schools and 1,464 classes with a total of 11,712 teams competing in the simulation. Finishing at 7th puts the class well inside the top 1 percent.

“Preparing students for real-world situations is a priority of mine in the classroom,” said Daniel. Having students apply concepts from classes in the simulation unites theory with real-world experience. The purpose of the simulation is to familiarize students with the process of systems thinking and the impact it carries across a variety of applications.

Dr. Daniel lead his class to scoring in the top percentile worldwide! Photo Credit: Mason Smith

In the simulation, students face scenarios that challenge today’s business leaders, and they must apply concepts from their business major coursework. Participating schools are divided across four global regions: the U.S., Europe, South America and Singapore. GLO-BUS presents scenarios to each team weekly and scores the teams every week during the year-long simulation.

As the competition unfolds, players select one or more regions for their operations, and must make decisions based on provided exchange rates, such as whether to buy or sell stocks in these regions. GLO-BUS rates teams in five areas: earnings per share (EPS), stock price, return on equity (ROE), credit rating, and image rating.

The Reinhardt community and we here at the Eagle Eye congratulate Dr. Daniel and his class on their outstanding work!

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