By: Sam McDade

WALESKA Ga.- Reinhardt University has always been known for its quaint, small-school feel. However, a new influx of students mixed with the need for some updates have sent campus changes into motion. From new dorms to an updated dining hall, students can find nice upgrades all over the place.

One nice new change is through the shift in living situations.  New dorms, such as Eagles View, were built, and old dorms, like Cobb Hall, were set to rest. The Smith Johnson dorm went from only females to only males over the summer as well. Even the apartments got in on the action by switching from gender-specific buildings to men and women sharing a hallway.

“I like it here. It makes me feel like I made a good choice,” says freshman John Asher about the campus. Originally, Asher was unsure about coming to Reinhardt, but was ultimately won over.  Asher said,”I will for sure tell my buddies at home that I made a great choice attending RU.”

Lake Mullinex, the center of the “Arts Around the Lake” initiative. Photo Credit: Sam McDade

The expansion of the campus gives students new ways to traverse the campus as well. Anyone who has classes in the Falany Performing Arts Center has traveled across the new bridge, giving students a shorter walk from the main campus.

A beautiful theater was also built for the student body. The Black Box Theater is a part of the Arts Around the Lake initiative and brings a permanent home to the Theater department, as well as a great new stage for theater productions.

Morgan Barker is a senior at Reinhardt who has loved the campus since she came here. Even with the beautiful campus, Barker admits that the hills can be tough to navigate at times, as she is still trying to shake the rust off her calves. Morgan comes from Jonesboro High, a school whose attendance is much larger than Reinhardt’s. Even so, Barker loves the small campus feel.

As the Reinhardt community continues to grow, students are looking forward to seeing Reinhardt at its fullest potential. Great things are coming to the RU, and sometimes, all it takes is a little change.

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