By: Laqwan Scott

WALESKA, Ga. – Our¬†Reinhardt Women’s Soccer team topped the visiting Brenau University Golden Tigers in the final game of for Jazzmyne Garcia and Jane Howell. The Eagle Eye would like to congratulate our seniors and wish them the best as they enter a new chapter of their life upon graduation. To commemorate our Eagles’ success, we interviewed Jazzmyne Garcia, who transferred to Reinhardt from Feather Ridge College two years ago.

Jazzmyne Garcia in her last home game against Brenau Golden Tigers. Photo Credit: Laqwan Scott

Laqwan Scott: “Who inspired you as a young athlete?”

Jazzmyne Garcia: “I didn’t really have a favorite soccer player. I was more driven by my parent’s support to continue playing soccer and to try my best at it because I knew that it would help pay for college; however, if I were to say who my favorite soccer player was as a role model, I would say Cristiano Ronaldo.”

Laqwan: “When you were younger, what did you do to calm your butterflies before a competition?”

Jazzmyne: “Honestly, I would express to my teammates how nervous I was. I would say comments like, ‘this is gonna be a hard game, what if I do bad?’ That was my way of coping with my butterflies and kind of expressing my feelings to another teammate prior to the game. My teammates would calm me down with compliments which helped get me through my butterflies. After my seventeen years of playing, I don’t really get butterflies that often, but when I do, I just talk to my teammates.”

Laqwan: “Do you have a plan to help you get in your best-focused state prior to a game?”

Jazzmyne: “I know most people either like to get hyped up or listen to music, or there are other people who just sit and look around and stay to themselves, and I think that’s more like me. I’m not someone who needs to be hyped up listening to crazy music. I’m someone who would just sit and look around and talk to teammates next to me. I can listen to hard rock music to get pumped up or I can listen to country.”

Laqwan: “Do you have any mental tools you use under pressure or strategies?”

Jazzmyne: “When I’m under a lot of pressure I try to relax myself. I usually get frantic with the ball when I’m on the field, especially if I know someone is near me, but I try to calm myself down and get a few touches here and their, lift my head up and look for a good pass. Usually, if I do bad, I say to myself in my head, ‘that was terrible’ and start thinking all types of crazy things and worry about how I’m going to fix it. Over the years, I’ve learned that it doesn’t help me, and I need to push those thoughts out of my head and go on with the game so it doesn’t affect my next move.”

Laqwan: How would you describe yourself in three words?

Jazmmyne: ” I would describe myself as determined, competitive, and positive. If you want to accomplish a goal, such as a win, you need to be determined to get it. I try to be positive to everyone because that’s how I would want others to treat me. Negative energy creates more negative energy. Being competitive and coming to practice with the mindset of being willing to fight for your position every day creates better outcomes for the team.”

Laqwan: Over the 17 years of playing soccer, what’s have soccer taught you?

Jazzmyne: “Playing soccer has taught me how to be a leader, especially in high school when I was chosen to be the team captain. However, not only in soccer but off the field as well.”

“Looking back at my senior year, as it comes to a close, I took time for granted, things flew by very quickly and now that it’s coming to an end. I feel sad. If I can redo it I would take one moment at a time and not look forward to the future to soon, and enjoy these moments.”

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