By: Spencer Penn

WALESKA, Ga. – Advising is an important time of the year for all students. It is not only a time to choose courses for the upcoming semester but – as Dr. Efe Sevin of the Communication and Media Studies Program states – also a change for the students to reflect on their professional future.  “Together, with their advisors, the students get to identify what steps they should take to be successful in college and beyond,” Sevin adds.

A student’s advising meeting is a critical part of learning. Students at Reinhardt should take advising seriously because it provides the opportunity to grow academically and personally. As Mr. Tunji Adesesan of the Academic Support Office says, “Advising is very important because it’s a good way for students to know how they’re doing, to know the meaning of mid-semester and also to project and to be able to find courses for the fall semester. It’s not only the schedule that you need to understand. Advising is not only creating schedules, it’s also about helping students to meet their goals and be able to find and identify difficulties they’re facing so far.”

A widespread concern among students is about how to prepare for the advising meetings. Dr. Charity Robertson said one must-bring item to these meetings is a transcript. Robertson added “It is helpful to keep an individual folder [of all the courses the student has taken]. It is also important to check holds on your account before advising.” Students should not only bring a copy of their transcript; they should also be in right mindset as Adesesan says, “They should be able to come to the session with a receptive mind, so they can be truthful when they come to advising and be able to tell their advisors what is going on, what they are going through, and the challenges that they are facing.”

The importance of advising cannot be overstated. Students, whether freshmen or seniors should meet with their advisors early to understand what courses they need to take in order to graduate and to get help in discovering their career path. A positive mindset is the top item that advisors want to see when students walk in, along with a draft schedule of courses for the next semester. College is not easy, but through helpful advisors, it can be a path to a bright future.

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