By: Megan Robinson

WALESKA, Ga – Martin Luther King Jr. was an important part of the civil rights movement. Dr. King took the initiative to stand up for what he believed in. Among his many memorable public addresses, ‘I have a dream’ speech was heard by many at the actual address, and millions long after.

Martin Luther King Jr. during speech

The Student Activities Council hosted an event on MLK Day, Monday, January 21st. The event started at 10 AM in the Glasshouse (the bottom floor of the Hasty Student Center). There was a moment of silence; speeches about his work and how he impacted us today, and there was a campus clean up afterward. The clean up was separated into two groups, one group helped clean the general campus and the other cleaned the walking trails. The event went over very well, many students saying it was educational and a great bonding experience for all who went, and they enjoyed being able to give back to the world, I hope you got to join the council and your fellow classmates to honor Dr. King for all that he has done for today’s world, and gave back to the world he helped shape.

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