By: Amanda Betlere

WALESKA, Ga.- Lacrosse season is almost here and now is the time to get to know our Reinhardt Lady Eagles:


Alana Celine Crowe

Name: Alana Celine Crowe (1999)

Position: Low Defense #24

Plays at Reinhardt since: Freshman year, currently a Sophomore

Got acquainted with lacrosse: When I was 8 years old I started to play because of my brother since he was also playing lacrosse

Things I do off the field: I like to relax while also focusing on academics and better myself while off the field

Best moment in lacrosse: Best moment was being able to play lacrosse in college

Things that lacrosse has taught you: It has taught me to work with my teammates to achieve our goals

Teammates about Alana: a hard worker who likes to have fun while playing the game as well as being able to stay focused on what is needed to be done


Kaitlyn Alyssa Yarish

Name: Kaitlyn Alyssa Yarish (1998) teammates call her Katie

Position: Attack/Draw Specialist #14

Plays at Reinhardt since: 2017

Got acquainted with lacrosse: my best friend Morgan and her twin played lacrosse and got me into it in 5th grade

Things you do off the field: hang out with friends

Best moment in lacrosse: playing with my best friends

Things that lacrosse has taught you: how to be patient

Teammates about Katie: “Has good lacrosse knowledge and willing to add her input when needed”, “appreciative of help and patience, loves my hugs during practice, good lacrosse player”

Morgan McGhee

Name: Morgan McGhee (1999)

Position: Midfield #2

Plays at Reinhardt since: 2017

Got acquainted with lacrosse: Older sister played

Things you do off the field: Get lit, workout, watch Netflix movies

Best moment in lacrosse: Making to semifinals my freshman year

Things that lacrosse has taught you: How to be a leader

Teammates about Morgan: Supportive, strong leader, team player, always have music playing



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