By Cameron Dalton

WALESKA, Ga. – It is no surprise that Reinhardt University has been affected by the cold weather during the first week of the semester. On Friday, January 11th , Student Activities Council put together a “winter wonderland” themed block party outside the Roberts Hall.  While there was plenty of loud music, bright lights, food (mostly snacks), and beverages: the main attraction was the makeshift skating rink – It was one-inch thick dry wood to simulate an actual skating rink. Students came in droves to take part in the festivities. Talking with one of the workers who set up the event reveals that the process of setting up the rink took about an hour, the “ice” was actually white dry wood about an inch thicker than usual dry wood. Despite the cold weather, a good amount of students, along with some Reinhardt faculty came to take part in the festivities and talk with friends. Overall, it was a nice way to get involved.


Minutes before the event, the Student Activities Council is preparing the event.


Fantasy World Entertainment worked in collaboration with Reinhardt to put the skating rink together.


There were plenty of snacks, candy, and beverages for the event.


Despite the cold weather, many Reinhardt students & faculty came out in droves to take part.


The students all seemed to have a good time…


Students used the event as an opportunity to mingle with friends old and new.
Other students used the event as a way to reach out and try different things.


There was a waiting area where participants had to put on skating boots before entering the rink.


Members of the Student Activities Council Reagan, Allison, & Noelle (left-to-right) were present to oversee the event and mark down those who came.


Overall, the event was quite the very successful turnout as students seemed to enjoy themselves after the first week back.


Hopefully, this is may prove to be a sign of things to come for the students to enjoy themselves this semester.

Photo credits: Cameron Dalton

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