By: Sara Humphries

WALESKA, Ga.- The date of the tournament was January 16, and the time was from 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm. The venue was at James and Sis Brown Athletic Center Gym at Reinhardt University. Bubble Soccer is a funny version of the original game of soccer.  Basically, it’s a bunch of kids in the gym running around in inflatable bubble like balls. The rules for bubble soccer are basically the same as the rules for indoor soccer. Also, there is no fouls for knocking a player over, so they can bump against their bubbles as much as they please. People got in teams of five and played 10-minute games in this single elimination tournament.


Athletes falling in bubble balls Photo credits: Sara Humphries

Everyone was cheering on each team, people were so excited about bubble soccer! This game was so intriguing to watch, it was very funny to see people roll across the ground and do flips in the balls. Its easy to see why they had to sign a waiver, because people were being thrown around like toys! It was hard to keep score, because everyone was just having such a good time playing together. It was interesting to watch the girls go against the guys, and the guys on a soccer team vs the guys on a football team. They just looked like globs of yellow and blue bouncing off each other. Some people were thrown many feet in the air, the higher they went, the louder the screams were from the people in the bleachers. People were getting tired and beat down, but that didn’t stop them. Overall, it was a good experience for the people playing, and the people watching.

Athletes falling in bubble balls Photo credits: Sara Humphries

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