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WALESKA, Ga – The Most Helpful Studying Tips To Get You Through 2019

Take Good Notes

Don’t Stress! These tips will help you ace your test in a snap!
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Before you start taking notes, put the date at the top of each page. Write down everything your professor puts on the board and try to remember the main points from the lecture without including unnecessary details. If you are confused or think that you missed some information, ask your professor. Look over your notes every night to make sure you understand all of the key points. Doing this for 30 minutes every day will help you memorize the material. Highlight what you think are the most important parts of your notes.

Learn how to Organize

Get a planner or calendar and write down all future assignments, due dates, important events, sports practices, etc. Organizing upcoming events helps you to better manage your time, and allows you to plan other activities during vacancies. Try to maintain organization systems that feel comfortable, such as using personal binders and tabs for each class/subject, sticky notes on important pages of your textbook, or saving your old assignments to help study for upcoming tests and exams.

Find your study spot

Finding your perfect study space is an important part of studying itself!
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It is important to find a place where you feel comfortable studying. Each person’s preferences vary. Some like to be surrounded with background noise while others may prefer silence to maintain focus. Try rotating locations once in a while. Research shows that changing your studying location often helps you remember what information you are studying.

Get Enough Sleep

Everyone needs sleep! Even a hardworking College Student!
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Do not cram before tests! Sleep deprivation leaves you distracted and unfocused. Cramming also increases your anxiety. Students should aim for least 6 to 8 hours of sleep in order for the things you studied beforehand to settle in your brain. If you study while sleepy you will likely forget everything that you tried so hard to remember.

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