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By: Sara Humphries

WALESKA, GA How does music put you in a trance? It is simple; it is all about binaural beats. Your brain creates an imaginary tone when it is introduced to two different frequencies at the same time. A frequency of 315 Hz in one ear, and 325 Hz in the other ear, results in a 10 Hz Binural beat.   When you listen to this music it can put you in a meditative state, you can get a better night’s sleep, and you’re able to concentrate very effectively. It can even have healing capabilities, without taking a drug or medication, your body will calm your body down.

Binaural beats
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By listening to specific tones, it can change your state of mind, and there are even different frequencies of binaural beats. If you want a feeling that is almost spiritual and a feeling of floating, listen to 38hz-42hz – Gamma waves. If you want to be really focused and productive, listen to 12hz-38hz – Beta waves. If you want to meditate, listen to 8hz-12hz – Alpha waves. If you want to escape the world around you, and almost drift out of consciousness, listen to 6–10 Hz theta waves. If you want to fall into a deep asleep, listen to 5hz – 3hz – Delta. People who are in rehab use binaural beats because some of the frequencies can give the brain the same sensation that a drug would. It’s worth a try, especially if someone has problems with sleeping or studying. It doesn’t do any harm to the brain if anything its good for it!

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