By: Edward Resendez

WALESKA, Ga.- On Tuesday, January 22nd, between 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm, the American Red Cross is hosting a blood drive at Reinhardt University in the Library Community Room. The blood that you donate will go straight towards helping those in need. The Red Cross states that anemia, cancer patients, childbirths, serious injuries surgeries, blood disorders, and more need healthy blood transfusions in order to survive.

To be eligible for blood donation, you need to be at least eighteen years old, in good health, have a minimum weight of 110 pounds, in addition to being fifty-six days away from your last blood donation. If you do not think you are eligible to donate blood, the Red Cross will automatically perform a mini-physical to make sure you are healthy enough to donate or not. Lastly, for all those germaphobes out there, you will not get any infectious diseases while donating blood. The Red Cross uses a clean needle that is thrown away after one use. This is a great way for students to help our community without the cost of driving far away or having to do physical labor. You just need to sign up, have a small physical, sit on a chair, and donate blood.

Red Cross truck.

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