By: Dakori West

WALESKA, Ga. – Gordy Dining Hall, located in the heart of Reinhardt’s Campus, underwent a managerial transition in 2016. Metz Culinary Management became the new providers for

The outside of the dining hall.

Reinhardt’s students, faculty, and guests. Renovations on Gordy concluded this year, including a larger main line, pizza ovens, and a substation dedicated to listing the variety of other available stations. With the expansion comes an increase in demand for employees. Metz has posted flyers to attract the attention of potential student workers, offering a minimum of ten and a maximum of 40 hours of work time per week. Metz respects students’ obligations to other major components of Reinhardt’s culture such as sports and studies, and they are willing to offer flexible schedules along with friendly management to help potential employees.

Wages start at $9 an hour with room for advancement, and additional perks include one free meal every shift. Students must pass a drug test before starting the interview process. If interested, contact the manager Parker at 404-908-7212.

The dining hall where students, faculty, and professors eat.

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