By: Cameron Dalton

WALESKA, Ga.- Reinhardt students met at the Rollins Wellness Complex & John Athletic Facilities Gym on February 2nd at 8:oo PM for a friendly dodgeball tournament.  The Student Activities Council organized the event to “get people involved”. As the name of the event – Glow in the Dark – would suggest, the lights in the gymnasium were turned out and participants used backlights, glow sticks, wrist bands, and headbands for a unique visual experience.

The referee on the sidelines would blow her whistle to signify someone got out or when someone caught a ball from the opposing team. The tournament started at half-court and soon grew to use the entire court as more students arrived. The games were intense and would last a while as many students proved to be great at evading and catching the ball. Though initially shrouded in darkness, once more students arrive the rest of the event was done with lights on. Overall, it was a nice turnout as many students came out to play despite the event taking place on the weekend.


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