By: Tyler Goins

WALESKA, Ga. – The Reinhardt Eagles are 10-9 with 8 games left in their season and are 7-7 in the AAC (Appalachian Athletic Conference) with 4 conference games remaining. The Eagles have a total of 1603 points with a field goal percentage of .419, averaging 29.7 points per game with a 3-point field goal percentage of .329, while averaging 8.5 per game this season. Their free throw percentage is .676 (16.5 per game), with 36.6 rebounds per game for a total of 695 rebounds this season. In conclusion of statistics, they have 8 steals per game and a 166 overall… while their opponents have had a total of 92 steals.

Senior Samuel Bunkley has had a standout season this year with a field goal percentage of .483 and a 3 point field goal percentage of .350. Samuel currently has the highest free throw percentage, the most offensive rebounds, and the most steals on the team.

Number 12 Dustin is going up for a layup. Photo Credit: Tyler Goins

On January 19th, the Eagles faced Tennessee Wesleyan University after losing 101-78 against Allen University (S.C.) in their last game, and bounced back to beat Tennessee Wesleyan 97-87. Senior Latroy Strong scored 30 points and Sophomore Michael Mays and Samuel Bunkley put away 15 points each to secure the win.

Number 22 is going up for a dunk. Photo Credit: Tyler Goins 

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