Members of the Upsilon Alpha chapter of Kappa Sigma receiving their Charter
Picture courtesy of Kappa Sigma

BY: Jakob Daniel

WALESKA, Ga. – What is the first thing you might think when you hear the word Greek? For most people, they probably think of Disney’s Hercules or the beautiful landscape of Greece where the stories of Greek mythology was created – Unless you are a college student! Then your first thought is fraternities and sororities.

The presence of Greek life on campus was something that used to be very common on campus at Reinhardt. Back when Reinhardt University was Reinhardt College, many local fraternities and sororities called the school their own but were all disbanded in the early 2000s. Times were changing, and so was Reinhardt. It would take 16 years for a fraternity to be a part of the Reinhardt community officially. The first fraternity back on campus was Kappa Sigma, a well-established fraternity that is regarded as the “number one largest fraternity in the nation“ according to their members.

Kappa Sigma began their quest to become part of Reinhardt in 2014 when students of Reinhardt reached out to Kappa Sigma headquarters wanting to become an official chapter. After 2 years of being a colony, Kappa Sigma became an official chapter on September 17, 2016. It was announced that both Kappa Sigma and Zeta Tau Alpha would be formally joining the Reinhardt campus in the spring of 2018.

Members of Zeta Tau Alpha posing for a picture
Picture courtesy of Zeta Tau Alpha

Greek life has given the students who were seeking more of a social experience an opportunity to connect with people they usually would not. “Honestly, it is great being part of Greek Life and it has been even better getting to watch it grow since my freshman year and be a part of where it is today!” says CJ Fisher, the current president of the Kappa Sigma fraternity.  While Kappa Sigma has been on campus longer, Zeta Tau Alpha has made an equally important impact on their members’ lives. “It feels so good to get to join something bigger than myself and find people I truly love,” says Claire Dunlap, who recently was accepted into ZTA as one of their newest members.

Greek life on campus has given a new opportunity to every member that has accepted their invitation to join. Growing more and more each year with a bigger interested in Greek with each year there on campus I think it is safe to say we will see more Greek life on campus in the next years.

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