BY: Cameron Dalton

WALESKA, Ga.- The American Sign Language club hosted an ASL workshop on Wednesday at 6:00 PM in the Hasty Bannister Glasshouse. This event was the first for coordinator Vanessa Hope Spradlin, a senior at Reinhardt, who worked tirelessly to sign forms, bake cookies, acquire the necessary resources, and prepare the Glasshouse.

There were plenty of chocolate chip cookies and hot cocoa for the event. Photo by Cameron Dalton

The event included several ASL-themed games, including a lip reading game that required headphones, a matching game, and a flash card game to teach people to exercise sign language. Participants learned to sign letters, numbers, and to spell their names.

ASL-themed flashcards, matching games, and lip-reading activities were used to help teach ASL. Photo by Cameron Dalton

According to Vanessa, her passion for the ASL stems from the importance to connect with the deaf community who cannot communicate with us. Thus, there is an importance and need for ASL. According to Vanessa ASL, “is put on the back-burner for a lot of people. Plus, there are deaf people who are unaware of such resources due to doctors not letting parents of deaf children know”.

The goal of the event was to help promote and teach the benefits of ASL communication. Photo by Cameron Dalton

Other members of the club in attendance included vice president Mykayla Smith, Sasha Laveing, and Gianna Sanders, and the event also included an hour of readings with Dr. Walsh, Dawn Major, Justin Jones, Kayla Smith, and Vanessa Spradlin, all interpreted into ASL. For the finale, Gianna Sanders interpreted a book that Vanessa is writing. Each presentation received generous applause; attendees were quick to notice and praise the passionate and sincere effort put forth to deliver this event.

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