BY: Kristen Doering

WALESKA, Ga. — Many students here at Reinhardt experience moments of stress or anxiety during their daily lives. Managing time with classes, assignments, exams, and friends can lead to stressful situations making things seem overwhelming.  The feeling of stress and pressure, builds up inside of your body it is important to find ways to release the stress that is building up inside of yourself.

Some students at Reinhardt may exercise, listen to music or simply rest in their room to help relieve stress, but even finding the time to do these forms of stress relief can be challenging. However, there is a very simple way of helping to relieve stress that does not require a lot of time and can be done in convent place that works for each individual. 

Recently Reinhardt student Asis Hull who is an R.A. organized a “Build Your Own Stress Ball” event in Gordy Hall. Asis commented, “I wanted to inspire kids in college that there is always a way to distract yourself away from stressful situations.” Using simple items such as balloons, baking flour and paper plates, students where able to create their own stress ball. Asis Hull said, “As an R.A., I wanted an activity to help kids deal with stress and anxiety.” Tori Ross, a freshman at Reinhardt, commented “It’s nice to go to events that are offered on campus and I enjoyed making my own stress ball.”

By squeezing stress balls on a regular basis, you can promote better circulation in your body by activating the muscles in your hands and wrist, which are connected to the muscles in your shoulder and neck. This will enable you to release that stress in the neck.

The “Build Your Own Stress Ball” event was a fun exercise that brought students together helping them to relieve the stress and anxiety of trying to juggle a busy schedule and at the same time giving them a useful fun tool to enjoy.

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