By: Dale Shaw

Adrenaline rushes, hard work, blood, sweat, tears, and long hours are all the description of the life of a college athlete. Playing a sport in little league and even high school was easier. Practices would be a couple days a week after school and that was it. Playing a sport on a collegiate level is like a job. Athletes are given a schedule and they must stick to it. For some, it’s five a.m. workouts, then class, then lifting before they even get to actual practice. For others, maybe class is first and then workouts and lifting and practice. The one thing all college athletes have in common is that the days of one practice at the end of the day and go home are gone. Everyone has multiple practices or workouts during the day.

See the source imageThe structure of the day is what makes an athlete’s sport their job. Show up late to work or practice there are consequences. At work, everyone has a job. On a team, everyone has a position. As an athlete, you may not get paid for your hard work in cash, but there are forms of payments through rewards. Good examples are scholarships, which athletes earn based off previous performance. Also, there are indirect forms of being promoted as an athlete. If you work hard and improve, there are starting spots to be earned or more playing time. In the end, college sports are a job: you must show up on time, know and do you roll effectively and follow a schedule.

The question that many people ask is why do it? Why choose the life of a college athlete with all the extra things that come with it? There are multiple reasons, and while some may be better than others, all are valid. Some athletes do it for the money. The knowledge of knowing they don’t have to pay some, if any, for college will drive them to go through all the struggles and athletic trials. Some are driven by a family legacy. There are athletes whose family members have played for a team for decades, and they want to continue the legacy. Some may not want to, but the pressure of letting the family down is enough to keep them going. On a different side of things, there are athletes with dreams they want to make happen. Athletes have often dreamed of playing a college sport and even the possibility of going pro. Dreams can drive people to push through hard challenges in hope of a bright future.

Image result for reinhardt sportsThe final and most common reason college athletes play a sport is the love of their game. It may be known that they won’t go pro, or they might not get the playing time they want, but the love of a sport can drives someone through everything. The love of a sport comes with passion and happiness of knowing that when you get on a field or a court you feel at home. They do it because they love to do not because they are forced too.

In conclusion, college athletes show up to their job everyday with different requirements. They have different motives and reasons for playing. They have different positions and different backgrounds. They do all have one thing in common.

They chose to play.

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