By: Sergio Salgado

Two students in front of the Bell Tower

WALESKA Ga.— Friday, September 6, all of Reinhardt´s first year students took part in a campus scavenger hunt as a part of their First Year Seminar classes. They were encouraged to get into groups so that they could work together. The scavenger hunt took the students all around Reinhardt’s campus and it helped them to become familiar with places that they had not previously visited. They followed clues that were given to them in order to find certain objects and then they took pictures with those objects. This activity was a nice, fun, and easy way to end the week for the first year students.

The Career Services office

Students began their hunts by looking for a Carved Rock which was located in the Funk Heritage Center. After finding the Carved Rock they headed to the library in search of the Career Services office and then they visited the Lawson Academic Building in order to take a picture in the tutoring room. After making a splash at the waterfall, the students headed to the Bell Tower, a place where in the past many Reinhardt men had proposed to their girlfriends. Next on their journey was the office of Dr. Emanuel, the director of the Center  for Student Success, and then to the Burgess Administration Building to visit the Business Office. At this point the students had completed half of their assignment and they only had a couple of more places to visit.

A visit to the Eagle Statue

The scavenger hunt would now lead them to the first statue ever unveiled on campus: the Eagle Statue, and then to the offices of Public Safety. They made their way to the Registrar, the Campus Church, and to one of the many Disc Golf poles around campus. To end the hunt, the students visited the center near the lake and then the President’s Home. They compiled all of the pictures they had taken into one document and then they submitted it for a grade. With the assignment for the day completed, the students were free to go enjoy the rest of their Friday.

Reinhardt’s bell

To determine what the goal of the scavenger hunt was, I contacted Mrs. Lydia Ellen Laucella, an Assistant Director for the CITEL Center and my FYS Professor. She was kind enough to take the time to answer some questions that I had for her and I’m grateful to her for it. I asked her if she thought the scavenger hunt was beneficial to the students and she responded, “The assignment is benefcial to students because it extends learning beyond the classroom, helps develop a sense of community, and fosters a sense of belonging among first-year students.” I then asked her what students could learn from this assignment and she told me, “Students will learn more about their campus, learn how to locate vital campus resources, learn how to organize information, how to effectively collaborate, and how to communicate well with others.” Finally I asked what the goal of the scavenger hunt was and her answer was, “What we are looking for students to accomplish with the scavenger hunt is to provide a unique and fun learning experience for our first-year students that also aligns with our FYS learning outcome, to “identify and use appropriate campus resources and engage in opportunities that contribute to their learning within and beyond the classroom.”

The scavenger hunt was a fun experience for all first-year students and it helped them to learn valuable skills. They learned how to work together and it gave them a chance to make new friends. In the end, the scavenger hunt can be looked back on as a success.

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