By: Sergio Salgado

Students were given this sheet and asked to identify their traits.

WALESKA, Ga.— Wednesday, September 11, the first-year student classes met near the eagle statue to participate in a Unity Project. The purpose of the Unity project is to show first-year students how beneficial it can be for them to be a part of a community. Poles were set up in a circle formation, and at each pole, there was a various character trait that could apply to the students. They were given a roll of yarn and they wrapped it around the poles that applied to them. After all the students had participated, the result was a web-like structure of yarn that connected the students by commonalities.

One of the traits to choose from.

The structure that the students had built was a representation of how much they have in common with one another. Even people who you would think have nothing in common shared similar traits, as shown by their yarn. Faculty members and representatives from the Unity Project spoke to the students about the importance of experiencing college together and supporting each other through this journey. After the activity had been completed, they were asked by their professors to give an example of something that brings college students together and why having a community is important. Presented below is one student’s response as to why being a part of a supportive community is so important.

“If there’s something that we are all connected by, it’s knowledge. Everyone has their own reasons for being here at Reinhardt, and each of us has a goal that we hope to be able to accomplish. We are all here to learn and to develop the skills we will need once we head into life after college. We all have dreams and the only way to achieve those dreams is to work hard and to hope for success. We all have a strong will within us that gives us the energy we need to get up in the morning and to try our best every single day.

When they were done, the students tied off their yarn onto the middle pole.

Our professors and faculty members have been through this process themselves and we are lucky to have them here to guide us. It doesn’t matter where we come from or if we’ve made mistakes in the past. Being here means that each of us gets a fresh and exciting start. Our school may be small in size, but we have immeasurable strength as a community. Although some people don’t want to admit it, it’s nearly impossible for someone to become successful without receiving any help whatsoever.

We have all become familiar with one another over these first four weeks and we’ve made friends who we care about and who we want to see succeed. We see each other as we walk through campus and we either wave or smile to one another. We attend campus events with one another and the result is a good time. It’s a good thing that we all have different career interests because these will allow us to be the ones who run the world in the future. That’s in the future, but for now, we will continue to support one another through good and bad times. If we do this then hopefully by the time we graduate we will all be a part of one big family.”

Before leaving, the students wrote something unique about themselves on this board.

Through the Unity Project, students are able to see just how much they have in common with the people around them. It can help them to strike up a conversation with someone and to possibly make a new friend. It also causes people to care about those in their community because they share something in common. Thanks to this project, the Reinhardt community will become even stronger.










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