By: Sergio Salgado

Most of the students at Reinhardt are involved in athletics.

WALESKA, Ga. — With the fifth week of classes coming to an end, most students are struggling to stay on top of the workload. Seems like a good time as any to inform students of what they can do to keep on top of assignments and to not become overwhelmed. The first couple of weeks were meant to ease students into the cycle of school life that they’ve been away from for a while, but now things around here are starting to pick up. With the school work becoming more complicated and demanding, most students are probably finding themselves either behind on their assignments or stressed out because they are trying to keep up and the work seems to be getting harder. It doesn’t help that most students at Reinhardt are athletes that do not have much time to actually sit down and do homework. If they do, then it’s either really late at night, or they try to speed through the assignment in the morning. It looks like most students could use some help with balancing their daily life.

By managing their time correctly, students can get their assignments done in time.

The biggest problem that most students face is the ability to wisely manage their time. Students have about three or four classes a day, and it’s very likely that they will be assigned homework in each of those classes. Whether it be practice, hanging out with friends, et cetera, they might find themselves without time to do their homework. There isn’t a surefire method that will always work, but what I suggest they do is to work on their homework in little bursts. They could do a bit of it as soon as they get it, some when they have a break in between commitments, and the rest of it at night. If they do this, then they should be able to stay on top of all their assignments and not fall behind.

The Canvas tool was introduced to Reinhardt classrooms this year.

With the introduction of a new class tool, both teachers and students need some time to get accustomed to Canvas.  Many Reinhardt students are finding it difficult to do our assignments and we don’t even realize that there are assignments more times than not. There is not much that anyone can do about it except to regularly check Canvas and their emails for notifications.

The collective consciousness of the student body seemingly has not been suffering from a lack of motivation, however, just in case, here are some tips. I understand that we all often procrastinate or we just don’t have the energy to get anything done, but we have to try to remember why we’re here. We all have dreams of what we want for the future, but we will never get there if we don’t give our all in the present. Not to mention that a lot of money was spent on our education and each of our parents has sacrificed so much for us to be here so we owe it to them and to ourselves to try our best and to learn as much as we can.

College is difficult. There is no question about that, but it can be easier if you have a game plan. Doing your homework little by little, checking Canvas and emails, and staying motivated can really help you to stay in control. As a final piece of advice, I urge you to use your resources and to ask for help if you need it because the people here want to help you and they want to see you succeed.


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