By: Christian Awong

On August 27, 2019, the National Football league (NFL) has officially partnered with Oakley to provide helmet visors for its players.  In the past, all league players were banned from using tinted helmets and shields unless they had a medical exemption.  This is a four-year deal beginning with the 2019 season. Through this deal, Oakley has become the preferred eye-wear provider for the league. Players and coaches are encouraged (not mandated) to wear all Oakley eye-wear. 

This is said to be an extraordinary partnership, as quoted by Benjamin Goss, Oakley’s Global Marketing Director.  He said, “The Oakley brand started in stadiums and now we will continue our brand journey inside the biggest and most relevant stadiums in North America: football stadium, we are thrilled to partner with the National Football League and its players to push the boundaries of performance and help them see the game differently through Prizm.”

 The League representatives agree with Goss. Renie Anderson, Chief Revenue Officer and EVP, NFL Partnerships said, “Our game is faster and precision is more fundamental than ever, and Oakley provides the technologically-advanced gear that players, coaches and personnel need for peak performance.” 

 It will be interesting and different to see the players in these Prizm helmet visors playing ball this season. Most certainly, it will be something to get used to seeing on the professional football field. 



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