By: Dale Shaw

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WALESKA, GA — The biggest question people ask about higher education is: what is the point? What do you get out of it? YOU ASKED 2 QUESTIONS. The one thing that college brings together is a group of multiple personalities. There are so many different people and cultures that are suddenly crammed together on a campus and in dorms. I am a person that likes to try to keep to myself, but I learned very quickly that in college, it is just not ideal. People talk to you even if you don’t talk to them. Everyone is trying to find a group or multiple groups. The groups you find are often people of similar interests. Athletes talk to athletes and artists talk to other artists.

There is one more group: the people that don’t do either and are just at college for other reasons. They often bridge the gap between the first two groups; the people in the other category talk to everyone, so it often brings everyone together. It’s like a big math equation: athlete plus other equal a group of athletes’ others and artist friends. I’m not sure how it works out this way, but college has an effect on people that causes even the quietest and most antisocial people to communicate

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with others and make connections they would never expect to make. You can go into college friendless and come out with lifelong friends and experiences.

The other and most important purpose of college is education and opportunity. College is supposed to prepare people for the outside world of business and money-making. Students choose majors to ultimately find a job coming out of college. There are many classes people have to take to graduate and be certified in their majors.

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Most college students choose majors that they don’t get jobs in. The best way to get a job in the major you choose is to look for opportunities early. Look for an internship for that job and find interview opportunities for it.

The reason connections and education go together is because even though you may not have a connection to your intended major in the business aspect somebody else might. If you connect with people and their family has a connection to your major, you may find an unexpected opportunity. The greatest opportunities come from things that you don’t expect. College builds relationships and your future if you take advantage of it.


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