By Addison Monette

Waleska, Ga. — Tutoring is an easily accessible resource if you need help with any subject. Not everyone uses this helpful resource, so the question remains, is tutoring actually beneficial?

Here at Reinhardt, tutoring takes place almost every day of the week, and through all hours of the day. The hours of operation are located in the basement of the George M. Lawson Academic Center (next to the commuters lounge) as well as the Reinhardt University online tutor sceduele. For an on the go student, this location is very accessible and convenient, complete with lockers, a microwave, a refrigerator, a seating area and two vending machines.

Online you can schedule an appointment for a specific subject you need tutoring in on the Reinhardt University website. Just enter the subject and time, and you are set. You can even ask for a specific tutor if needed. Scheduling an appointment is fast and easy, and at the end of the tutoring session, your tutor gives you a slip of paper so you can schedule another appointment if necessary.

Though, what about the quality of the tutoring? The teachers are easy going and pleasant to work with. For a person who likes to work one-on-one, this is the best option. Students who are well off in a dedicated subject are tutors, as well. The tutoring room itself is never congested by a large number of students, each tutor usually having one to three students around them. Even then, a student still has access to getting a one-on-one learning experience. There are also scheduled group tutor sessions if you find that to be a more natural way to learn.

Of course, some students do not end up going to tutoring at all, for they might not find it helpful at all, which brings up the question. Is tutoring actually beneficial? And how many students go to tutoring? I talked to five students, and only 1 out of the five I spoke to did not go to tutoring. I asked those 4 students, did you find tutoring helpful? One student replied, “Yes. The teachers are super helpful, and I come in regularly.” Another replied, “Yeah, I come in every day after class to catch up on homework.”

So is tutoring worth going to? And is the tutoring system we have here simple and easy? Yes, to both questions. The location is easy to find, and it is convenient all around! The tutors are friendly and easy to understand. Thus, if you are having a problem in a certain subject or have difficulty understanding homework, head on down to tutoring! They will be happy to help.





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