By: Sergio Salgado

The Academic Catalog can be found on Reinhardt’s website.

Waleska, Ga— Starting on Monday, October 21st, advising and registration for Spring, Summer, and Winter courses will be available. Once the registration period begins, students will have until January 13th to add and drop courses from their schedules. Also, keep in mind that final exams take place the week of December 2nd, and the deadline for posting Fall 2019 grades is Monday, December 9th.

Students who want to graduate early have the opportunity to get credit towards their major by taking a class during the winter term. Whereas classes during the regular semester cost about $1000, winter classes cost around $700, so you’ll be saving money while getting one of your required courses out of the way. Fine Arts courses like Art and Music will be offered during this period, among others. For those who are interested, classes for the Winter term start on December 9th and end on January 5th. Because the time for these classes will be extremely limited, keep in mind that if you sign up, you will have to keep up because things will be moving quickly.

Getting back to advising and registration, the first-year students met on Wednesday in the library where they were shown the registration process. Before students can register for classes, they will have to meet with their advisor, discuss their goals and then get cleared. Firstly, students should do is to make an appointment with their advisor as soon as they can. If you do not know who your advisor is, you can find that information on Eagle Web underneath the personal info tab. If you are still not sure who your advisor is, you can go to the registrar and they will tell you. Once you know who to contact, set up an appointment with them and — when you meet with them — come with an idea of what you want your schedule to look like. 

You can find your advisor on Eagle Web under personal info.

Once you and your advisor have come up with a schedule that you’re both satisfied with, you’ll be cleared and then you can start adding classes to your Spring schedule. Once again, you will want to register as soon as you can because there are only a certain number of spots in each class. If there is a course that you really want to take, but it is full, be sure to regularly monitor Eagle Web just in case a spot becomes available. Also, take care of any holds that are on your account because they will prevent you from being able to register. Once you are satisfied with the schedule that you have created, you are all done.

Be sure to email your Advisor to set up an appointment.

If you do not know which courses are required for your major, you can go online to the Undergraduate Academic Catalog, where it will tell you which classes you need to take. The catalog can be found on Reinhardt’s website by clicking on the Registrar tab and selecting the catalog for the 2019-2020 school year. Advising and registration are critical and should be one of your top priorities. You do not want to miss out on the courses you want because you were too lazy or because you waited too long, so get on it.

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