By: Christian Awong

Former Ball State College linebacker, Wendell Brown, was released from a Chinese prison recently, after serving a three-year sentence. Brown, a Detroit native, moved to southwest China to teach and coach America football.  On September 24, 2016, he visited a nightclub and, while he was there, someone threw a bottle at him, and an altercation followed. Wendell claimed that he raised his arms in self-defense.  He was accused by a man of seriously injuring his eye, which later had to be removed.   

There was a hearing in the Chinese court in June 2018, and a judge convicted and sentenced Wendell to four years in prison, which according to Brown’s attorney was extremely unjust and excessive.  Brown appealed the sentence, which was later reduced to three years.  After three years in a Chinese prison, Wendell was released in September 2019.  He received hugs and well wishes from family and friends upon his arrival home to Detroit, Michigan. 



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