By: Hannah Schultz

Frozen 2 is an okay movie. I like it, but I don’t love it. The overall plot answers a few questions, and things start coming together. The music is absolutely beautiful though, cleverly put together.

Anna and Elsa’s relationship as sisters have more focus. It’s beautiful to watch them understand their history and be there for each other. Elsa is a little pushy and stubborn, insisting she doesn’t need help from Anna, but she hears the voice that calls to her and is a little reckless about finding it. Anna wants to be there for Elsa, and she is hurt when she refuses help. Despite this, she’s in on helping Elsa anyway.

Kristoff is a dangerous character. He’s one to try again and again and fails to propose to Anna. It feels like his love for reindeer is lost, as now Sven is now a dumping ground for his emotions. Anna, on the other hand, is so focused on helping Elsa, who clearly needs it. Kristoff is just like “best time to propose!!” like he doesn’t care about Elsa in the slightest. That to me is rude, annoying at best but hurtful at worst.

There is a voice singing a few notes in the movie as well, heard over and over again. These are cleverly put into multiple songs in such a way that sounds good. There are more songs too, that show the emotions of other characters too. My favorite song in both movies combined though is in this movie too, a lullaby about the enchanted forest. It’s so comforting, and what I think is acoustic guitar sounds beautiful as well. So these are my thoughts of the movie

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