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Remember to sign up for a check out time before you go on holiday break.

Waleska, Ga— The first semester of the year is almost over, and this is an excellent time to remind everyone of what will be happening over the next few weeks. The last day of standard classes is November 26th, and after that, students will have the rest of the week off for Thanksgiving break. Students are encouraged to study during the break because once the break is over, final exams will begin. Final exam week is December 2nd through December 6th and the end of the fall semester is December 8th. The deadline for teachers to post fall semester grades is Monday, November 9th, so be sure to turn assignments in before then.

The Final exam schedule for fall semester 2019.

Be prepared to wake up earlier than you usually would during exam week because you probably won’t be taking your final during regular class time. Although exams won’t be during regular class periods, you will have a period of three hours to complete them in a comfortable amount of time. If you live on campus, be sure to look at the final exam schedule to see when your last final is, so you know when to sign up for a checkout slot with your Resident Assistant. The final exam schedule for the fall semester can be found on Reinhardt’s website, but I will include it in this article just in case. As a reminder, for evening classes, with the exception of the MW 6:30 p.m., MW 8:00 p.m., TuTh 6:30 p.m., and TuTh 8:00 p.m. classes, exams will be given at the regular class time during exam week.

A look at the courses offered during the winter term.

If you’re interested in receiving credit for one of your required courses within a short time span, then taking winter courses may be a good idea for you. Some of the courses offered are ART 105 (Art Appreciation), MUS 143 (Music Theory), CRJ 298 (Georgia Criminal Law) and others. Keep in mind that these are online courses worth three credits each, but you are only permitted to take one. Courses are $750 each, and there is no financial aid available because the winter term is only from December 9th to January 5th. If you wish to sign up, you can either call your advisor or the Registrar’s Office at 770-720-5534.


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