By: Nevarie Solomon

A new was passed in California that allows college athletes on college football teams in California to be paid. College football players getting paid is a good idea because the hard work and stress that they have to go through is overwhelming so they need to be compensated somehow. Paying these athletes means they have the extra money in their pockets to eat, buy new gear that is not funded by the university, and it allows them to have more freedom out in the real world by having more “spending money”. These athletes wake up at the dawn of morning and have workouts and practice, then go to classes later on in the day, then have meetings throughout the day, then another practice, and finally still have to worry about homework and study time.

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Every state should follow this rule as well. It’s not fair that California collegiate football players get paid, but other athletes across the country are not being compensated. It needs to be fair for all the athletes that strain their bodies every day for their sport and then have to worry about class and homework after. Some reporters thought this would be a bad idea because they thought the athletes are still kids and that they are already technically being paid through scholarships. Well the way I see it, even though they get scholarships, some athletes still struggle throughout the semester because they don’t have money to eat or they don’t have money to wash clothes. Scholarship money isn’t spendable nor does it give these athletes an easier life.

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I see why reporters can make the argument about the athletes but we have to think about the work and grind that these athletes go through. Also, the stress level in college for regular students is already high, so imagine how it is for a studentathlete. Parents would also benefit from this by not having to send their child money every time they need dorm accessories or toiletries. If the athlete saves their money right then they can buy everything they need on their own. This can set up their adult life even quicker than not paying the athletes. They get a sense of priority by spending their money wisely. These athletes put their bodies on the line so we have to try and make up for their risk level in a way that they can benefit. We not only help the athletes but the families. These athlete’s families don’t have to stress for money and worry if their child is leaving college with an abundant amount of debt. The athletes can help out the families by saving the money they earn and bring down the money they owe. This new law is the future of our athletes and helps everyone around the athlete, not just one-sided.

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