By: Hannah Schultz

Flat Earthers are the people who argue with facts known of for hundreds of years, and can genuinely, and successfully, convince themselves with supporting evidence of things that are wrong. So one of the things they have is the lack of a visible curvature. Keyword — visible— to argue with this, we ask for other proof of the flat earth. How do seasons work? How do day and night work? How does gravity work?

The argument here is that the hemispheres, or in this case, hemiplanes are big 2 dimensional circles and the sun and moon circle around it for day and night. The northern hemiplane is a circle, while the bigger Southern Hemisphere is a ring around it, and they’re distinguished by a circular equator, and Antarctica is a big circle around the edge, holding water in. The sun makes smaller circles for summer in the northern hemiplane and bigger circles for winter in the northern hemiplane. Sunset and sunrise are just perspectives, as their gravity is a flat earth moving upwards at an accelerating rate, and the sunlight is quite literally affected by that. There is no gravity in the way we think of it

Pretty convincing arguments, right? Well, not everything about the flat earth is covered in such a way that it makes sense. In fact, we still have questions we’d like to ask. Why when we look at a lunar eclipse is the shadow always round? Why when we look far out in the ocean do boats sink below the horizon? Etc. Stuff perfectly explained in the round earth model.



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