By: Sara Humphries

Climate change is one of the biggest threats to our society today. The use of our unsustainable energy sources such as fossil fuels causes damage to the earth’s atmosphere. This damage could lead to catastrophic events that could lead to extinction. People think that changing their life choices wont make a difference, but every effort we put towards this issue helps.

There are some ways we could slow down this process because every little effort we make makes a difference. I’m going to list ten ways that you can help make an impact.

Recycling is an easy and fast way to help and you can do it right from your home. You can recycle things such as glass, paper, and plastic.

Reuse items like containers and bottles, give them a new purpose or keep using it like its new.

Reduce single-use plastics

Reduce Reuse Recycle
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Invest in canvas bags

Transportation can be an easy way to help the environment, if you can take opportunities to walk, scooter or cycle to work or school. If the location is too far, another way to help is to carpool with friends or family.

Reusable products like bamboo toothbrushes, cloth nappies or metal straws are beneficial.

Bamboo tooth brush
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Renewable energies can make an impact on helping the climate by putting solar panels on your roof, purchasing an electric car, switching to an eco-friendly energy provider.

Electricity use can make a remarkable change. Whenever you’re using lights, computers, switches and other electrical devices make sure to turn them off when you are done using them.

Diet is more helpful to the world than you think, by eating less meat and meat by-products. Plant-based diets can be great for your health as well as being much better for the environment reducing the need for space and energy in the meat production industry.

Smart car
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Vacation is a must need for everyone I know, but do you have to travel by plane? Maybe try picking a location somewhere closer to home.

These small steps that we take make a world of a difference. If everyone could make these small changes or contribute to helping then our world could be a better place to live in for us and for future generations.


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