By Sara Humphries

Jenna Purpura is the only senate intern representing Reinhardt for the 2020 session. Purpura, a senior at Reinhardt, is a political science major with minors in business and pre-law. Outside of Reinhardt, she volunteers at the His Hands Church in Woodstock.

Purpura at the Georgia State Capitol
Photo credits: Jenna Purpura

Purpura is working in the office of State Senator Bruce Thompson (R), who is the representative for Senate District 14 in the Georgia State Senate, which includes western Cherokee County as well as eastern Bartow and a portion of Cobb county. Thompson is the chairman of the Veterans, Military, and Homeland Security Committee.

Picture of Bruce Thompson
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Stacy Perry, who hires the interns, said that this session was the most competitive year the internship has ever had. Jenna writes resolutions for her designated senator, sits in committee meetings, handles bills for the senator, welcomes and assists visitors to the office, screens incoming calls for the office, responds to constituent inquiries, maintains files of the Senator’s expenses, schedules Senate pages from the Senator’s district, stocks as well as organizes office supplies, and maintains an email account for her designated Senator.

Purpura has big plans; her goal is to attend Harvard and be a defense lawyer. “So far, I’ve learned how to write resolutions and how the process of a bill takes place. I’ve also learned a lot about the Veterans, Military, and Homeland Security Committee and what my duties are in it. The internship is helping me learn how the legislature works and how to read legal documents and the process of their legal documents.”

She adds, “There is a lot of listening and etiquette that is required, especially when entering a chamber. I’ve learned when to speak to senators and how to address individuals. I’m learning what’s appropriate to discuss and what is confidential. Out of this experience, I expect I will know how to speak to people more efficiently.”

This internship is an excellent program for students who want to work in the political science field. This job gives students the skills and techniques that they need to have successful careers. For more information, students may contact Dr. SimonPeter Gomez, Reinhardt Professor of Political Science, about how to qualify.






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