Our Eagle Eye staff members are dispersed, most being away from campus (some internationally) while a few remain on campus. We’ve asked each of them to report in with photos and a brief summary that reflects life as they are seeing it during this unprecedented time of “sheltering in place” and “social distancing.” Below, you will find their contributions. Stay tuned for Part 2!


James Gilbert, Editor-in-Chief:


A student of Reinhardt University, Nini Hutcherson, is practicing how to wash her hands properly. Covid-19 can be easily removed from surfaces, including skin, with soap and hot water. Hutcherson made sure that she lathered the soap across her palms, the back of her hands, between her fingers, under her nails as well as up her wrists and forearms to ensure a thorough cleaning. She practices her technique multiple times a day for 20 seconds or more at a time and occasionally washes her hands multiple times within the span of one minute or so when she is in the kitchen as a secondary measure to make sure that no important surfaces have been compromised by any pathogen.


Nick Glowka, Managing Editor:


I may be trapped indoors due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, but I am trying to make the best out of my cabin fever. Each picture represents what I have spent the most time doing. I have been watching a lot of TV that I haven’t had the chance to see before. I am getting to watch our new dog and get time to spend with her I normally would never have the chance to. I’ve also included a picture of my collection of Jimi Hendrix pictures, which I absolutely love. During this time of solitude, I have found comfort in listening to Hendrix. Then, of course, there is my laptop, which I purchased a new mouse for and have been spending more time on social media than ever. So much pollen has been falling outside that I have four pine trees trying to grow from my trunk. This basically sums up my time at home so far!


Sierra Ruetten, Managing Editor:



2020 has given humanity a rough first three months. With the isolation and quarantines throughout the world, it is hard to stay sane. The separation, for some, consists of only seeing the same couple of people, or no people at all. However, there are ways to overcome the loneliness, if having more than average alone time is not your thing. My life is consisting of washing my hands, cooking, finding ways to workout without a gym, and video games. For many people around the world stuck in their homes, there is not much to do. Trying to find hobbies that do not involve me leaving my home is more complicated than I thought it would be. The flowers and trees around my house look more beautiful than ever. It is strange how everything seems so average, if not better, but everything is far from ordinary.


Sara Humphries, Beat Editor:


Living at home all the time reminds me of when I was a kid in the summer. I had to find things to entertain myself, and I discovered that I love painting and playing the guitar. I have more free time; I can now do those things. I’ve had time to reflect and think to myself when usually I’m not able to. I’m often surrounded by so much noise, and for once in a great while, I have peace. I have the chance to take in the fresh air outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. Living in the Covid Era isn’t easy: I can’t go to the movies, I can’t see my family and friends in person, and it does get lonely at times. We are living in a scary time with so much uncertainty, but knowing I’m doing my part makes it okay. I know we will all get out of this with a new respect for life.


Cameron Dalton, Copy Editor:


What started as a virus in Wuhan, China, has quickly grown into a widespread illness that has resulted in hundreds of thousands of citizens being infected. It has gotten so bad that President Trump has issued a pause on all travel from Europe to the United States. The sports world is not immune to the effects of the virus. In fact, both sports and entertainment industries have taken quite the hit. Many empty stadiums exist due to fans not attending in fear of catching the virus. The NBA has even suspended the season indefinitely over the pandemic. Many movies have either paused production, been delayed, or won’t be shown in theaters as a result of the coronavirus. Many schools have been shut down as well, with classes now being taken online. This is especially true for those in law enforcement as many officer, details, investigators, etc. find themselves working from home. This is the case for my father, who works as an investigator at the DeKalb County Attorney’s office. As such, he has an entire system set up where he works from a computer in the dining room with plenty of files on the floor. He even has meetings with coworkers through video chats. Luckily, we have not been out of food as we have plenty of cookies and spaghetti.


Philip Fröwis, Reporter:


COVID-19 is forcing millions of people to stay inside for the next few weeks. I am currently in Göfis, Austria. During my time at home, it is essential to me to stay fit. Next to all the work at home like cleaning, tidying up, or fixing stuff, it is important to treat one’s self. Exercising at home helps me to stay in shape and supports keeping a clear mind. Next to exercising, people should take time to prepare good, healthy meals. Exercising and healthy nutrition does not only brighten up your mood but also helps you to stay healthy during these difficult times.


Otis Odom, Beat Editor:


The COVID-19 has affected everywhere around the world. The reason I decided to pick this photo was to inform people that this virus has not only caused students to go home but it has caused many workers to lose their jobs. The COVID-19 has affected everyday living for everyone around the world. This picture tells a story: it shows that many people are forced to follow government commands and to stay at home. Staying at home means that most families don’t have an income during this hard time. This picture was taken on Friday, March 27, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. If you are from the Atlanta area, then it’s very rare for the roads to be this empty during this time. I personally find it heartbreaking that people must stay home, since some aren’t lucky enough to provide during this time of need. The hardest thing for me is going from having structure and freedom to being told to stay inside and limit my social life.


Kamron Walters, Cub Reporter:



COVID-19 is a virus that’s not only affecting people but businesses as well. This virus is so deadly because it is an enemy no one can see nor run from. This outbreak has caused many businesses to either shut down entirely or to close at an earlier time than they usually do. The Waffle House in Banks Crossing, Georgia, has completely shut down as of yesterday. There were no incidents recorded from this establishment, but as a safety precaution, they have decided to keep others as well as employees safe. However, this is not the only food chain that has been shut down from this pandemic. Zaxbys, Chick-fil-a, Taco Bell, and many more eateries have shut down, preventing people from going out and enjoying America’s best food places. This creates problems for many individuals, forcing them to cook and stay inside the house and work on their cooking skills. I sure know mine are up to par now! The biggest impact that this virus has caused on my community is social distancing. Stores have acted on this effort by laying down tape in stores with six feet of space between them. Despite this rule to reduce the spread of this infectious virus, many people have refused to follow these guidelines, and they invade other people’s space. In our local Walmart, there have been two reported fights from people not respecting one another’s personal space, calling for the action of the local police to intervene 

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