Our Eagle Eye staff members are dispersed, most being away from campus (some internationally) while a few remain on campus. We’ve asked each of them to report in with photos and a brief summary that reflects life as they are seeing it during this unprecedented time of “sheltering in place” and “social distancing.” Below, you will find their contributions. For Part 1, click here.


Jon Licht, Photo and Video Editor






During Covid -19 lockdown times, life can be hard, not having that face-to-face contact with others, having your whole life change just like that. I’ve been there before with deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan with the U.S. Army; however, this is different, because I don’t have family or military brothers there around me to talk to or laugh at. It is quiet, and I take my meds and move forward. During this time, I lost all my work as a videographer, and funds have taken a hit.

So during this time, I try to get more active around my house such as doing house projects like replacing boards on the back deck or cleaning the house.

I haven’t had much time to sit around to watch TV. I prefer not watching TV, anyway, to get away from the drama, stress, and world issues. I also try to stay off social media. When I’m not working on projects or cleaning, I try to have little interactions with classmates or teachers. Finding joy in making others laugh, I post silly pictures–for example, I posted that “I made two new friends,” showing sock puppets on my hands, and during my statistics class, I am on the webcam wearing a gas mask and holding toilet paper, making the teacher and other classmates laugh.


Wesley Price, Reporter

Entering into 2020, everyone was so excited, but this year has brought many unknown surprises. The COVID-19 has put the world on pause, and this pandemic has just proven that many things people felt were important don’t matter. In this society we live in, everything is so social, whether it’s social media or just people’s life with others. People aren’t taking the social distancing seriously and feel like the government is making unnecessary rules for citizens, but they are needed. The United States has become the leading place with cases of COVID-19.

After moving out officially from Reinhardt and coming back home to Memphis to the lock-down, my perspective on life has changed. My drive for schoolwork has dropped, but then I remember I need it. So my view until the lock-down is ended will be looking out from my aunt’s screen door.

I pray for all the people affected and advocate for people to stay inside and safe and promote staying clean. This is a very serious time, and we can get together as a nation if we do what is asked of us.


Paolino De Francesco, Beat Editor


Switching to online from regular classes has not been an easy task for anyone, myself included. Being stuck in the house for an indefinite amount of time has certainly become a different reality for all of us. Now, we are having to adapt to new methods of doing activities, such as homework, lectures, and even tests, that we did not do before. Often, it is hard for me to stay motivated and keep up with my responsibilities. I’m sure that most of us, if not all, struggle with this issue too. The photo that I took represents my new reality. This is my new point of view for all of my classes that I enjoy taking at Reinhardt; the only difference is that now, I cannot see my caring professors, my funny friends, or my pals from soccer practice. I know these times have been difficult for all of us, but I’m sure that we will get through this and come back stronger.


Lorenzo Robinson, Beat Editor

Life during the coronavirus pandemic has been extremely challenging. The stay-at-home order in my county is prohibiting much outside movement. Despite being at home at the same time as many of my friends, I cannot go anywhere to see them at this time. Our daily lives have been drastically altered. What you see is my new classroom. My computer, a bag of M&Ms, and a Coke are my essentials. As modern life has changed more than we ever could imagine, my new setup is the only place where I feel sane. 

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